Wanted: Windows/Linux collaborators

I'm looking for developers interested in writing Windows/Linux wrapper code for Sinclairean so it can continue being ported to those platforms, as I'm dropping SDL and focusing on the emulator OS-agnostic core and the Mac OS X version.

Duty now for the future: get in touch at madonnamkii LDIR gmail HALT com (replace LDIR with @ and HALT with a dot, for no-spam's sake).

Sinclairean on hold

Due to GPL claims, I'm removing the Sinclairean executable until not a single stub from Marat Fayzullin or Philip Kendall remains in the application's code. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sinclairean X C1

  • Bundled as an app; Terminal is no longer required.
  • The app does not register filetypes by itself yet; you have to do it manually using the "Get Info" Finder pane if you wish to launch Sinclairean by double-clicking a .tap or .sna file.
  • Tuned a few compiler optimization flags.
  • File requester filters Unicode special characters (appeared as trash on C0).

Sinclairean X: the revolution begins

The most long-awaited port: Sinclairean X, for your Mac OS X computer, here and now.

  • Requires the SDL library framework (available at http://www.libsdl.org/)
  • By now, it must be run from Terminal, with the current directory set where the executable is located
You really thought you could escape, Jobs?

Sinclairean strikes on Unix/Linux!

A recent large-scale Windows disaster on my development equipment has forced a full migration to a more stable Linux environment.

The good news are that Sinclairean, with just adding a few minor compilation switches to the source, does compile AND RUN flawlessly on my setup. So expect a stable release soon for Unix/Linux (i.e. when strike ends, lol!)

On Strike

Sinclairean development and this blog's social functionalities are temporarily halted due to the MSX developers anti freeware proliferation strike.

More info here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Plain border & blending issues

Answering some comments, Sinclairean does not support hi-res raster border rendering yet, so it appears solid regardless of changing its color many times a frame.

Actually, hi-res color is not supported at all yet even on the active screen area (i.e. Shock Megademo multicolor section does not show up OK), only beam synchronized video writes are supported (the minimum required to run games like Cobra, Arkanoid, etc.)

As for the interframe blending, it is actually synced with the electron beam, so it should not show any out of sync artifact. If you come thru any artifact please report game and situation.

NB that pausing/still advancing an interframe blended moving graphic DO show "ghosts"/double images that actually build up the effect (a percentage of the current frame is mixed with the complementary percentage of the previous frame.)

Crestaco Labs: Channels

NB: Channels is still an experimental feature. Snapshot format will vary for a few following releases. I'll let you know when a safe file structure versioning framework is established.