SDL_GL_SwapBuffers hogging resources

Yesterday I started optimizing those parts of the emulator that are very unlikely to change, in order to combat some high load situations that a few users have reported, to my surprise that the task manager insisted in showing the same figures (about 50% CPU usage on my netbook).

Worried, I've crafted a test version which just does SDL_GL_SwapBuffers in an infinite loop, and guess: 50% CPU usage. Googling about I've come across some mentions about the topic; that pesky SDL call seems to hog CPU even when blocking until the next frame (vsync on).

Given that bypassing SDL and using Windows native GL is worse (vsync is not honored) I think it's time to go straight to DirectX + GL, much to my regret.

I've enclosed the SDL_GL_SwapBuffers-only version in the distribution package for you to test if you dare. Comments about CPU usage are welcome (better if compared against usage on issue B9). But BEWARE: This test version FLICKERS REAL BAD so it's not recommended for epileptics! Also, keyboard is not checked, so you'll have to terminate the process from the task manager (while trying to cope with the flicker, ouch!)