Sinclairean port targets

Any x86-compatible, OpenGL-capable system is perfectly apt as a target for porting Sinclairean. That includes x86-based linuxes, of course.

Sinclairean comprises a platform-agnostic OpenGL/x86 machine code core that can be linkable to any other system's glue and initialization wrappers, and extended via a straightforward plugin architecture, so anyone will be able to port it to any compatible system and/or extend/modify its functionality without the hassle of compiling (or die trying to compile) the actual source.

I will only maintain the build of the current system I'm working on (which at the moment is Windows... yuck!), so other ports must be carried by other people. Also, the core is still too beta to release the object + API, so ports/plugins will still have to wait a little longer, sorry.